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Contemplations of a Wayward Mind

The inner complexities of an ever-so-slightly disturbed individual

Sathiel Adrieli
I'm using this journal for character and story development for my dark fantasy novel The Maverick. It tells the story of a young thief and killer who is executed for his crimes and brought back to life by a dark mage, whom he is then forced to serve.

Most posts will be friends-only, and more intimate plot points will be private. Feel free to friend this journal if you'd be interested in seeing how the story develops and would like to offer input. If I don't know you, please let me know how you found this journal and why you'd be interested. You can leave a comment or message me.

Upon catching a glimpse of this individual, one is met with hauntingly eerie azure eyes, so pale blue they seem almost clear. Something about that gaze would send a chill down one's spine, though at first glance, this boy seems anything but threatening. His tousled auburn hair falls before a youthful, fair face, and from this, one can discern that the young man can be no older than twenty years of age. Around his neck is hung a slender golden chain with a small pendant, and the image of a fox can be seen branded into his left wrist. Aside from this, not much else is noticeable about him, yet one cannot shake the feeling that there is something strangely peculiar about this young man. Perhaps it is his mien of quiet obscurity, or perhaps some dangerous motive hidden deep within those crystalline blue eyes. Yet whichever of these it may be, something clearly indicates that this young boy knows more than he lets on.

"For I am shadows, and will follow you. One and the same are we."